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English: A rocket can be constructed from a variety of materials and in many different ways. These design decisions and the construction itself take place in the subsection “Structure”. On the long road to the first fuel-powered sounding rocket, we take one step at a time: Our first rocket launch is a water rocket with […]


English: The brain of any rocket is its avionics. This usually involves one or more computers inside the missile. These are responsible for the reliable control of the valves, the reading of a multitude of sensors and constant communication with the ground station.This system and all surrounding electronic and information processing systems are developed in […]


English: The Propulsion team is working with the aim of providing a specially developed engine for the experimental rockets. Students from numerous disciplines are introduced to the complex rocket engine system and develop technical solutions in subsystems such as injection, ignition, cooling or integration. In this area, close cooperation is maintained with the Institute of […]

Sounding Rocket

In addition to developing a CubeSat, we have set ourselves the goal of developing, building and operating our own experimental rockets. The focus is on deepening the theoretical knowledge that is taught in lectures at the TU Darmstadt and expanding it to include a practical part. The complex overall system “rocket” is not only ideally […]