Simulation of different attitude determination systems

During the design process of the attitude determination and control (ADCS) system a comparison between different sensor configurations is needed. To get a quantitative sense of the different sensors and their possible combinations a simulation is necessary. The ADCS team is mainly focused on magnetometers, sun sensors and a GNSS module as their sensors. For […]

ADCS – Specialist for Attitude Sensors

Do you think, that measuring the spin of a hyper-sonic Cube high above the atmosphere is awesome? Do you love the challenge of designing and implementing a system which accurately measures the attitude of a spacecraft under extreme conditions while accounting for its constraints? If your still reading, than this might be the opportunity for […]

Project Management

Unfortunately we have not Detail yet on this Subsection. For Inquiries please feel free to contact the lead stated above.


The purpose of the simulation subsection is the testing and validation of our CubeSat design. Since the satellite can not be changed or improved after launch it is extremely important to design the CubeSat in a robust manner. All systems need to work as intended in an environment that can not be recreated completely here […]


The Communication Subsection designs and develops all the systems needed to communicate with and on the CubeSat. Current projects include the construction of our own ground station and a fail-safe bus system that will be used on our satellite. In our hardware-related projects, we mainly work with the programming languages MicroPython and C(++); Python is […]