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A rocket can be constructed using a wide variety of materials and in many different ways. These design decisions and the construction itself take place in the ” structure” subsection.
On the long road to the first combustion-powered sounding rocket, we take one step at a time: Our first rocket launch is a water rocket with an overall height of only 150cm. A water tank is filled with compressed air while the rocket is held on its launch pad. Once the operating pressure is reached, the water is expelled and provides the necessary thrust.
From here we design increasingly larger, more resilient and lighter rockets until finally our first combustion-powered rocket “Athena 1” is on the launch pad.
The work areas include design and manufacturing methods in lightweight construction, aerodynamics and dynamic systems. The latter concerns in particular the design of an ejection mechanism for a parachute, which is of course essential for a safe flight. In the course of the launch campaigns different designs are tested, we are also open for innovative recovery concepts.
Anyone who would like to gain an insight into our work is welcome to drop by at our weekly team meeting. We meet Wednesdays at 15:30 in the office L501 529 ¬ĺ. Contact person is team leader Philipp.