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OnBoard computer

Section Onboard Computers Our subsection develops central software and hardware components to control the satellite. The main focus is on the OnBoard-Computer (OBC). Our field of activity ranges from hardware-related C(++) to high-level languages such as Python and web-based applications in TypeScript.

onboard computer

On the software side we use FreeRTOS, an open source real-time operating system, on the hardware side we use STM32 microcontrollers. To ensure the best possible integration with other software, we consider space standards like ECSS and CCSDS where possible.

The special field of application of a satellite places high demands on reliability with limited system resources such as energy or memory. In order to take these factors into account, we work closely with other subsections and educate ourselves accordingly.

Mission Control Software

While the hardware and software of the ground station is designed by the Communications subsection, we are working on a mission control software. This will visualize the telemetry of the satellite and allow us to communicate with it. Even though a satellite operates largely autonomously, it may be necessary to initiate actions or influence behavior from the ground. In addition to the technical requirements we also consider aspects like portability and intuitive handling. This is realized as Ammos-Plugin.

How we work

Just like the other subsections, we work towards the fulfillment of various milestones within one iteration (~6 months). At the end of an iteration an evaluation of the work is done, whereupon new milestones for the next iteration are worked out. Again, we work closely with other subsections. The actual development takes place alone, in groups or in large groups at our weekly meetings. Concrete tasks are mostly interdisciplinary, necessary knowledge is developed jointly. How much time you want to invest is up to you, we do not require a minimum number of hours per week / month. Open Source Philosophy

All software developed by us, as well as other components, are provided under open source licenses to support the CubeSat community and provide a template for amateur satellite builders.


Then come and visit us at one of our meetings. Our weekly meeting takes place every Thursday from 2 to 4 pm in room S3|06 509 (Hans Busch Institute). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the subsection leader of the OnBoard-Computer-Team, Nicholas Wolf.