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Because of the rising demand for high resolution earth observation pictures and high data rate communication, new concepts for CubeSat communication are needed. This applies not only to communication with the ground station but also for inter-satellite links. To serve these needs it is only possible to increase the transmission power of the CubeSat to a certain point, because its electrical power is limited by the solar panels.

The mission of the CubeSat is to test a high gain transparent reflectarray, a combination of a solar cell and a reflectarray antenna. It is being developed in close cooperation with the Institute of Microwave Engineering and Photonics at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

The solar cell lies under the reflectarray and keeps most of its efficiency. An advantage of this technology is that the surface space is used more efficient. During the design process it is important to keep the remaining efficiency of the solar cell high because otherwise the benefits of the technology are no longer given.

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