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A (small) satellite is not just the electronic insides, it has also a tough casing. It is a structure, that gives the satellite stability and protects against mechanical and thermal impacts and also radiation. The size of the structure, and therefore also the CubeSat, is standardised to 113,5x100x100 mm. The total weight must not exceed 1.33 kg.

Our main task is, to plan and build an structure that fits these parameters. Besides the launch process, we also have to take care for permanent exposure. Due to this, we have to scale our CubeSat correctly and look for the proper material – rigth now we check Polyetheretherketon as material.

The second part of our task is to plan a dispenser system. This System consists of a container, which can include many CubeSats, that protects them during launch and rejects them at the right time.

We are still looking for motivated students with an interest in FEM, structural mechanics, polymers and shape-memory materials. Previous knowledge is not necessary. If you are intersted in our work, contact our Section Leader  Mark.

Meetings are Wednesday between 5 pm and 7 pm.