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The brain of any rocket is its avionics.

This usually involves one or more computers inside the missile. These are responsible for the reliable control of the valves, the reading of a multitude of sensors and constant communication with the ground station.
This system and all surrounding electronic and information processing systems are developed in the Avionics subsection, the simplest system being the avionics for the Athena0, which consists of very standard and low-performance components.

The avionics for the Athena1, on the other hand, is currently in progress and its requirements are much more complex than those for the Athena0. Furthermore, a control system for the engine test bed and an electric model rocket are in progress, with which control concepts are to be tested and developed. We are involved in software development, circuit and faltine design, sensors, radio technologies, etc. We are always happy when motivated people want to participate in our endeavor. If you feel like dropping by, you can do so on Tuesdays from 15:00 to 17:00 in room L501 529 ¬ĺ.