About Us

Welcome to TU Darmstadt Space Technology e.V. (TUDSaT)

We are a student association for students from all disciplines, who share their interest in space. Together, we work on interdisciplinary projects, so our members get a closer look into astronautics. Currently, we work on our own CubeSats (a cubical-shaped small satellite) and the development of a sounding rocket.

Besides these technical projects, it is our concern to establish space related research at TU Darmstadt and get in contact with space related industry and research . For example, we organize the space colloquium Space @ TU Darmstadt with the institute FSR (Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control) and ESA (European Space Agency) .

Our student association was founded on August 23, 2016 with the goal to build a CubeSat. Since that day we and our goals are developing.

New members are always welcome – it doesn’t matter what you study, we have a job for you.