About Us

Welcome to TU Darmstadt Space Technology e.V. (TUDSaT)

We, a university group for students of all disciplines with a passion for space travel, are working on interdisciplinary projects to offer our members the opportunity to experience space travel at first hand during their studies!
Currently we are working on the development of our own CubeSat and an experimental rocket.

Besides we want to deepen the focus on space flight at the TU Darmstadt and establish contact to industry and research. For example, in addition to the Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control and ESA, we are the organizers of the lecture series Space@TU Darmstadt.

Since our foundation on 23 August 2016, we and our goals have grown. Back then, under the name TU Darmstadt Satellite Team, we only wanted to build one CubeSat. Now we are called TU Darmstadt Space Technology and offer an exciting project for everyone.

  • No matter if you are an engineer, mathematician, economist, architect, chemist, physicist, developer or designer, we have a lot of projects in the pipeline and are looking forward to meeting you!