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You are interested in astronautics and want to work with us?

We are offering you:

  • mutual work with a motivated team
  • the opportunity to work on big projects
  • the amplification and extension of your space-related knowledge
  • hands on experiences in astronautics-projects
  • to get in touch with the local space-industry

What you should offer:

  • interest in astronautics and the motivation to engage yourself in engineering projects
  • the capability to work independently and in a team

Are you still with us? Don’t hesitate to visit us during one of our public meetings. You can find the dates in our event calendar. If you have any questions or are indecisive, feel free to send us an e-mail at or talk with us at one of our public activities. We are always delighted to meet new space-enthusiasts and can offer activities for every major and field of expertise.

If you want to become a member, just fill out the following form and send it in by mail, or hand it in personally at one of our meetings.

Potential tasks include:

  • The development and construction of spacecraft
  • Public relations and project management
  • Organization of talks and excursions