ADCS – Specialist for Attitude Sensors

Do you think, that measuring the spin of a hyper-sonic Cube high above the atmosphere is awesome? Do you love the challenge of designing and implementing a system which accurately measures the attitude of a spacecraft under extreme conditions while accounting for its constraints?
If your still reading, than this might be the opportunity for you! As the specialist for attitude sensors its your job to find a set of available sensors which find the balance between low weight, volume and power, while also being affordable and delivering attitude estimations sufficing for our operations or serving to validate our mission.

Steps throughout the development process are as follows:

  1. Settling for a sensor configuration, compatible with the satellite design
  2. Supporting its validation by simulation
  3. Sensor acquisition and initial hardware tests
  4. System integration and extended hardware in the loop tests
  5. Final integration and testing
  6. System support after launch

This may sound daunting, however all of these tasks are modular and can be tackled as a team. Likewise you won’t be obliged to work through all these steps and are welcome to first find out yourself if this job is right for you.
If at this point you’re still interested, than simply drop by the next ADCS meet-up, where you can discuss further details and how you make your first steps in becoming the Specialist for Attitude Sensors.