Simulation of different attitude determination systems

During the design process of the attitude determination and control (ADCS) system a comparison between different sensor configurations is needed. To get a quantitative sense of the different sensors and their possible combinations a simulation is necessary. The ADCS team is mainly focused on magnetometers, sun sensors and a GNSS module as their sensors.

For this simulation the Generic AOCS/GNC Techniques & Design Framework for FDIR (GAFE) toolkit by ESA and Airbus may be used. This is a Matlab/Simulink environment which provides all necessary building blocks for this investigation. The sensors and the solar system environment are already implemented. A thorough investigation into different attitude determination algorithms and their influence on the accuracy of the estimated attitude needs to be performed.

Another aspect that is important for the ADCS system is the possibility of sensors getting defects or failing. The influence of these failings on the attitude estimation with different algorithms and sensor configurations should be investigated with this simulation. The GAFE framework also provides tools for these purposes.

If this piqued your interest feel free to come by the weekly ADCS or simulation meetup. We will give you more details about the project. It is also possible to only do parts of this project if you are only interested in some of the above explanation.