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Onboard Computer

Our subsection currently consists of 6 members and concerns itself with the heart of every satellite: the Onboard Computer.
Our tasks include the following:

Design and implementation of the Onboard Computer

 A conventional Onboard Computer is composed of subsequent elements: The processing core, RAM and main-memory, a couple of sensors as well as communication-interfaces. Combined with a Real-time-operating-system, those components form the mainboard. In close relation to aerospace-standards, defined by ECSS and CCSDS, we will build a prototype with a reduced set of requirements on our way to a fully functional Onboard Computer.

Design and implementation of the ground-control-software

Whereas the hardware of our ground control is designed by the communications subsection, the software for the ground station is the responsibility of our team. Requirements such as portability and intuitive design are a priority here. An initial design is intended to be implemeneted for the prototype. 

Interested? Then visit us at one of our official meetings. Currently we meet up regularly every Friday from 9am to 11am in S3|06 509 (Hans Busch institute). If you have any questions or suggestions, our OBC-team-leader Nicholas Wolf is delighted to answer them.