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Asteroid Day 2018

On 30 June 1908, 110 years ago, a 40 m asteroid struck the Earth over Tunguska, Siberia. Destroying an area of forest the size of Greater London, this was the most significant impact event in Earth’s recent history. Now recognised by the United Nations as Asteroid Day, 30 June marks a global opportunity to raise awareness of the threat and opportunity posed by the numerous rocky bodies traversing space.

Since 2009, ESA has played a leading role in the global hunt for risky asteroids and comets – known formally to astronomers as near-Earth objects (NEO) – and is currently developing cutting-edge widefield telescopes that will have the ability to scan the entire sky in just 48 hours. ESA also carries out crucial analysis as part of its Space Situational Awareness (SSA) programme and mobilises observatories and astronomers worldwide through its SSA NEO Coordination Centre at the Agency’s ESRIN facility in Italy.

At the Technical University Darmstadt we will organize with European Space Agency ESA and the Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control (FSR) on June 29th 2018 one of 8 events in Germany. There will be a lot of talks by ESA`s employees about asteroids and NEOs.
At 6 pm the program will start in S208/171 (Uhrturmhörsaal) of TU Darmstadt in Hochschulstraße 4. A registry is not needed.
This Event is a part of the Colloquium Space@TU Darmstadt.
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